Episode 48

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26th Aug 2022

Return of the Sloan Ranger

Judith Sloan joins Tim Blair and Nick Cater in the swill trough as US President Joe Biden pays down student debt and Australian PM Anthony Albanese pays his debt to the union movement.

Both leaders remain clueless, however, about reducing nation borrowings.

Global warmists at the ABC concede that “It's been a very cold winter,” but warn that Spring is set to be "pretty toasty" with minimum temperatures likely to be above median, which seems to happen roughly half the time.

Celebrity victim Yassmin Abdel-Magied has revealed she 'fantasises' about ditching her Australian citizenship to free herself from the nation's 'blood-drenched soil'.

Biden's student loan reduction package announced Wednesday will forgive students loans debt of up to $10,000, making good on a promise made during his own campaign.

It’s part of wider programme to give assistance to the least vulnerable in the American community - kids from good homes who took out astronomical loans so party with the college mates for three years and walk away with first class honours in finger painting.

Thrifty students and their parents will be rightly penalised saving an sacrificing to pay off their college fees - people like this Dad in Iowa who worked two jobs to help his kid to go to college and was caught on camera asking Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren for his money back.

In more big news from the United States, Dr Anthony Fauci announced this week he’s stepping aside as director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as Chief Medical Officer for the White House .

He leaves a legacy of increased cancer and drug overdose deaths, a mental health crisis, financial devastation, disruptions to education that left millions of kids behind, and a sense of arrogance that may never be surpassed in US public administration.

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